Friday, January 4, 2013

Freebie Friday

Friday, Friday, Friday!!! You know what that means, freebies! I am trying to finish up my Valentine's day unit and once it is done I will put a sneak peek up here! Once Monday rolls around it is back to reality, work, grad school and little sleep. So trying to get as much done now before I will be swamped.

 In my last post I showed you my unit for "The Mitten," this is such a popular storybook for this time of year. I loved doing it in Kindergarten but had to change things for my second graders. I added a "Noun sort" worksheet in my Literacy Pack which includes nouns from the story. Students will sort the nouns by person/animal, places or things. They will then cut and paste into the correct columns.This is a great way to get them warmed up and review Nouns once they get back from the Holiday break!  At my TpT store I put the worksheet up as a freebie and you can also download it here to from my google docs.

CLICK HERE to download!

I have had some very sweet comments from some fellow bloggers and since everyone is getting back into the swing of things I decided to give an additional freebie but only for followers on here, this will not be a freebie on my TpT store. 

CLICK HERE for your free download. 

At my TpT store you can find this worksheet and much more included in "The Mitten Kindergarten Math Unit" (which is aligned to Common core) or under "The Mitten" Pattern Worksheets where you will find 2 more pattern worksheets in color. This is great for seat work, centers and assessments. The patterns focus on color, shape, direction and size. 

I have to say I am excited to get back to the classroom and back to the kiddies but I am nervous that they may have forgotten some things since we were last in school. Don't you love that first day back when they are half asleep and you can be dancing around like a money and they still won't wake up? If you went back to work this week,  feel free to share how your students did getting back to the classroom!! :)


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Cheers to a new Year!!

Christmas is over... New Years is over... It's 2013.... NOW WHAT?!? My resolution this year is to focus on myself! I accomplished last years resolution to get into "kick butt" shape. This year, I want to focus on relaxation, success and happiness. :) I am going to try to limit my stress load (if that's possible). I feel like wrinkles are starting to show up a lot earlier than they should!!!

After fighting the crowds for last minute Christmas gifts, and spending time with my family during the holidays, I decided to squeeze some time in to work on some projects. During the month of January I love to focus on winter activities, one of my favorite units is "The Mitten", it is going to be a lot different this year in second grade than it is in Kindergarten. I pulled out my Kindergarten folders and found some math centers that I have made in the past. Since I can't use them now, I figured other people might be able to!

This is a 63 page Kindergarten math unit!! It is aligned to the Kindergarten Common Core Standards. Take a peek of it at my TpTstore 

There are 8 pages in both color and black and white where students will match the numbers 1-20 to the number word.

There are 20 pages full of green and pink mittens to laminate and use for math centers. These cards focus on number sense and the numbers 1-20. Students will count the number of mittens on each card. 

There are 20 pages full of green and pink mittens with numbers 1-20 and the number words. Laminate, cut and use for math centers. Students can match the numerals to the number words. 

Complete the pattern worksheets! There are 2 colored copies and one black and white copy in which students can complete each pattern. 

And for second grade I created a 12 page literacy pack to go with "The Mitten". This unit contains worksheets for problem/solution, noun sort, compare and contrast, sequencing and a story map.
Click here to go to my TpT store and check it out!!

Since it is almost 10pm, I should probably get a head start on my New Year's resolution and kick into full relaxation mode! Hope everyone had a safe and happy New Years!! :)